Land of the free


2 thoughts on “Land of the free

  1. dabruinz says:

    I love ignorant memes like this:
    1) The United States wasn’t founded by Religious fundamentalists. On the contrary. It was started by people who were religious outcasts.
    2) The land wasn’t obtained through genocide and ethnic cleansing. Much of the land was actually bought from the Natives. It was only after the country was established and people decided to expand west that they took up arms against the Native Americans.
    3) Claiming that slavery was the only thing that made this country wealthy is ignorance. There were many different industries that made this country wealthy.
    4) Many countries other than the United States practiced Racial Segregation. What is overlooked, is that the US was actually one of the first to recognize blacks as something other than slaves..
    5) The United States has not INVADED 50 countries since WWII. That’s a bold faced lie and a bastardization of the word “invade”. Instead of being a parrot, get your facts straight.
    6) Yes, the CIA has removed governments that they found to be unfavorable. It’s something I disagree with. Yeah. You’ve got something correct.
    7) The only way you can claim the US maintains a military presence in over 100 countries is if you include the Marines who are stationed at embassies around the world.
    8) Wrong. The United States does NOT spend more on ARMS than the next 10 countries combined.Most people see the military budget and claim that and they are as clueless as you are. They ignore the fact that included in the US military budget is the money used for Veteran’s Affairs, the money to pay current soldiers, and money to maintain it’s bases. But, that is just the parrot in you.
    9) I have news for you. Other countries do this as well. Only your own ignorance would believe otherwise.
    10) Actually, it’s only been recently (last 5 years) that the government started spying on it’s own citizens in earnest.
    11) There is no militarized police force in the United States and it does not kill 1100 citizens a year. That’s another bold faced lie. It was found that police officers in the US, on average, kill ab out 400 people. But that includes criminals who were attempting to kill them as well


    • 1. The puritans were in every sense religious fundamentalists. During the English Civil War, Oliver Cromwell massacred thousands of civilians out of hand, and described it as the judgement of God.

      2. The genocide took the form of warfare and disease, too. I suggest you open a history book.

      3. It says nowhere that slavery was the ONLY means by which the country became wealthy.

      4. So? It still happened, and went on right up until the mid 1960s.

      5. The USA has been militarily active on over 50 countries since WWII, always to defend economic interests.

      6. Thanks.

      7. It isn’t. Some bases are smaller than others, that’s true. But embassies are not counted.

      8. It’s the same thing. Weapons are meaningless without soldiers to operate them, and more soldiers means more veterans.

      9. The claim is true, and no, most advanced democracies don’t do this. If you want to compare the US to the third world, or dictatorships, be my guest.

      10. It’s been going on for longer than that, but in any case, the claim is true.

      11. Some other countries have militarized police forces, that doesn’t make this any less true. However, deaths at the hands of the police are many times higher in the US than similarly economically advanced countries. Again, if you want to compare the US to the third world, or dictatorships, be my guest.


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