Corporate Interests


2 thoughts on “Corporate Interests

  1. dabruinz says:

    Umm.. you need to do some homework.

    1) Iraq – Stopped being an “ally” some 30 years ago. They attacked US interests, including property owned by US citizens in Kuwait. They also supported terrorists and their dictator paid for an assassination attempt on President George H.W. Bush.

    2) Afghanistan – They stopped being allies when they lied to the US about using the money we were sending them to buy farm equipment so they could grow their own food. Instead, they were using the money for weapons and to fund the growing of poppies for opium with they would then smuggle as heroin into the US.

    Sucks when facts are thrown at you and they blow up your rants.


    • Your facts are only partially true, Saddam didn’t invade Kuwait 30 years ago. It was 1990. That still makes them a “former ally”, the meme is correct, and it was the invasion of Kuwait which threatened US interests, and the Saudi oil fields too. Prior to that, the US had no issues with Saddam’s bestial treatment of the Iraqi people.

      The Mujahadeen in Afghanistan were supported by President Carter and particularly so by President Reagan, and money was supplied directly for arms. Your knowledge of the subject appears to be rather shallow.


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