Soldiers are not heroes, they are tools of war began as a Facebook group to challenge the mentality of military worship which continues to stifle criticism of foreign policy and encourages young men and women to see joining the military as a noble career choice, and a short-cut to status and respect.

Wars are ignoble, disgusting and filthy affairs, and a negation of humanity.  There is no glory in war.  Surrendering your mind and body to be used as a tool for the expansion of an economic empire and strategic global interests is not heroic.  Threatening people who disagree with you with violence, or telling them to leave the country is not heroic, and merely serves to expose a basic lack of understanding of what the word “freedom” means.

We don’t hate the troops, but neither can we “support” them if that means our silence and passive consent to the invasion of countries which are no threat to us.  We would rather see our soldiers alive and happy than sent off to foreign lands to kill or be killed.

We exist to give a voice to those who oppose war and the worship of all things military, who oppose the concept of nationalism which divides people by arbitrary and artificial barriers and which uses patriotism as an weapon to silence dissent, and who object to the glorification of war and the dehumanisation of whoever our government has declared “the enemy”.


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